If a serial killer is hunting for victims across the USA, is anyone safe?

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Living in Alabama, this story is starting to concern me more and more. I know it's been a LONG time since the days of Ted Bundy, the Night Stalker and Son of Sam.

I'm not sure that means we won't ever see anything like that again, in my view. I was a teen when the Night Stalker was wreaking havoc in the 1980's in California.

It didn't matter that I lived in another state, it still impacted many of us at that time.

You could argue this new, modern day serial killer is like the Night Stalker in a few ways.

Let me present some evidence on my belief that a serial killer is terrorizing Americans in these modern times.

Three brutal murders.

All with a large, fixed-blade knife.

All on the 13th of the month.

All three at 3am.

All a couple hundred miles apart.

Is that a coincidence? I don't know but it seems too similar to me.

The most recent murders? Four, young and beautiful Idaho college students.


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Yeah, what happened to that dog is connected in my opinion. It is just TOO weird.

None of these murders have been solved.

That's weird. Look at the history of murders by stabbing and most get solved.

Most are crimes of passion.

A recent stabbing in Alabama, that was very gruesome, and it turned out to be her boyfriend.

Danny Minor is a homicide detective with years and years and years of experience. He makes some points that I think are VERY important.  

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YES! He is so right. KIDS TALK. Kids are messy. Kids make mistakes. I find it VERY hard to believe that a college kid pulled these murders off.
I believe law enforcement, who have NOT denied that a serial killer could be involved, is very concerned about the panic it might cause if they admit they believe it is a serial killer.
One thing nobody argues is the pure evil it took to do this at 3am on the 13th of the month. That's evil and I hope and pray this evil is stopped.

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