Haunted Northport Mystery: Look Close At These Photos
Happy Halloween! This is how it all we go to Northport, Alabama. A listener of the Steve & DC Show on 95.3 The Bear contacted us with a mystery. A haunting mystery in 2021. This individual does not want us to give any names or exact locations.
Tuscaloosa Unsolved Mystery: What Do You See Behind DC's Family
I love a good mystery.
Unless I'm in it!
It's so good to be back in Tuscaloosa and on The Steve & DC Show every morning on 95.3 The Bear.
So, we are going through our old photos and we find a picture of me with my brothers and mother taken on Halloween night in Tuscaloosa.
Those that would or COULD hurt a child are the absolute worst of all society.
A close second? Individuals that abuse helpless and loving animals. A former Alabama student who simply left her dog to die in agony is free today. This type of cruelty to animals is a felony in Alabama. Ryanne Gilbert is …
Coyote Loose In Northport, Alabama: See Video
We want to issue a few warnings because an animal that can do a lot of damage is on the loose in Northport.
We received this video earlier this afternoon and wanted to pass it along as a public service for everyone in Northport.
Although coyotes have been known to attack humans, here are a few simp…
Tuscaloosa, Alabama's Ugliest Woman Alive
Ugly is all over Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Why is everyone so UGLY?
Yes, I met the ugliest woman in Tuscaloosa.
I know her name, BUT I probably shouldn't print it. I will tell you her workplace in Tuscaloosa.

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