Bad Person, Good Dog, Bad Check In Tuscaloosa, Alabama
What is wrong with people? The Tuscaloosa Police Department had to step in and repo a cute little Yorkie this week. Dogs are not supposed to be taken away by the repo man.
How is that even possible? According to the Tuscaloosa Police Department,
Tuscaloosa Alert: Brian Laundrie Spotted In Sunshine State
We all know that multiple sightings of Brian Laundrie have been reported.
This is the latest and maybe the most credible. According to TMZ, Brian has been seen in Florida very recently. I want YOU to decide as you watch the video above. Many people believe that he is long gone.
Why Are We On Lockdown In Tuscaloosa, Alabama
I was doing some shopping at Walmart, the Northport location, and it was SO frustrating.
What should have been a quick ten minute trip, turned into an hour long saga. All due to the LOCKDOWN of every product in the store. It was entire aisles of common items.
Are These The Scariest Houses In Tuscaloosa, Alabama
IT'S ABOUT THAT TIME OF THE YEAR! Halloween. Some folks live for this time of year. I'm torn on that notion. I like it, but from a distance. The fact that a couple of the scariest houses in the southeast, are in my backyard of Tuscaloosa and Northport, is a little too close for comfort.

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