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Dr Ramesh Peramsetty and Covid-19 Things You Need To Know
Tuscaloosa Physician
Dr Ramesh Peramsetty explains the latest spike in Covid numbers.
What determines that a death was caused by Covid-19? Dr Peramsetty explains. Hear the full interview here.
If kids are throat swabbed to be tested for Covid-19, then why do adults get nasal swabbed...
Nick Saban Gets His Scheduling Wish
As usual, Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban gets his wish. Saban has been clamoring for years for the SEC to increase its conference games from eight to nine. This past year he even made the case the conference should go to 10 games. While the longest tenured coach in the SEC has long been asking for mo…
SEC Announces Conference-Only Schedule for 2020
The SEC has officially announced it will opt for a 10 game, conferene only schedule this fall with the first week happening September 26. An article from Al.com details that the official announcement will come at 3:45pm CT, but close sources have confirmed the news.

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