Meet Kayla, a shop teacher in Canada.

Photo: Twitter/RamboJohnJ22
Photo: Twitter/RamboJohnJ22

Kayla teaches in the Halton School District and, YES, it is causing issues for the students.

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That's right, students are taking issue with this teacher. Parents also have expressed their displeasure but that is secondary to the students that are upset with the school.


Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

According to a report in The Daily Mail, some students are refusing to go to class over the new shop teacher and her "appearance".

Now, some students say they don't care about it much, if at all.

The biggest issue for the students that are upset?


Is that not obvious?

This has started to cross any line of sanity. This looks like someone trying to play dress up with the use of prosthetics.

Yes, it is going to be distracting for the students.

Do we need to even ask why?

Alabama is already some bad press for being "transphobic" due to recent laws passed.

Just watch the video below from MSNBC.

*Video from MSNBC/YouTube

This next story, about a prison inmate named Demi Minor, asks lots of critical questions.

You see, Demi, "identifies" as a female and asked to be sent to a women's prison.

Then, "she" proceeded to get TWO other inmates pregnant. That's right, PREGNANT.

* Video from Fox 26/YouTube

Come on, man. Or woman. Whatever you want me to call you.

If you are able to get women pregnant, you are not a woman.

As a parent in Alabama, I believe I speak for most/many parents on this issue. We don't things that are blatant distractions for our kids allowed in Alabama schools.

And, don't get me started on the sports issue! Young ladies work so hard to achieve greatness in sports and it is simply WRONG to allow individuals born male, to compete with young women that were born female.

Let them compete in the male bracket, as that is the only fair thing to do.

What do you think?

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