In the age of social media, we live in, anything and everything can go viral. Many times we don't see it coming. But there's always the chance that something organically grows.

Other times you could simply be a freshman long snapper on the Crimson Tide.

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Kneeland Hibbett is that freshman-long snapper we're talking about today, and he certainly knows what he's doing.

One of the biggest videos to go viral involved Australian Punter James Burnip:

And of course, with any good opening video there's always a sequel:

He isn't afraid to respond to opposing fans either, as two Cincinnati fans found out:

And for ladies who are fans of the Crimson Tide, don't worry, he can even sing!

To be completely honest, it's always cool to see Tide players having fun. Although not the same medium, it reminds me of Rob Ezell.

Rob Ezell was highlighted because of his one special talent. He could imitate Nick Saban way before anybody was able to do it as he did.

Rob Ezell imitates Nick Saban (HD) - YouTube

The real question is, however, will Kneeland be able to get Nick Saban in on a Tik Tok. Can you imagine the view possibilities? I mean Nick Saban finally got his own email a while back.

Who's to say Coach Saban couldn't make his Tik Tok debut in the future with Hibbett? It would certainly break the internet for a little bit, right?

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