Are These The Scariest Houses In Tuscaloosa, Alabama
IT'S ABOUT THAT TIME OF THE YEAR! Halloween. Some folks live for this time of year. I'm torn on that notion. I like it, but from a distance. The fact that a couple of the scariest houses in the southeast, are in my backyard of Tuscaloosa and Northport, is a little too close for comfort.
7 Alabama Iconic Restaurants You Have To Try
Some of the best food in the world is found in the great state of Alabama. Southern cooking trumps them all. The mom-and-pop restaurants in Alabama rival all other states. Okay, except maybe Louisiana. New Orleans in particular. Ala...
The Ugliest Woman In Tuscaloosa, Alabama!
Ugly is all over Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Why is everyone so UGLY?
Yes, I met the ugliest woman in Tuscaloosa. I know her name, BUT I probably shouldn't print it. I want to tell you badly, but I can tell you she’s an assistant manager on the late afternoon crew.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama Dirtbag Dumps His Wife After She's Paralyzed
I will never forget the day my mother came home from her job, a little bit angry. My mom, Rosemary, worked at a Northport hair salon named “Gildas.”
She told me about a lady that was a frequent visitor, and the lady was a favorite of all the stylists and employees.
I remember that she …
The Most Dangerous And Notorious Criminals In Tuscaloosa and Alab
Who knew?
Some of the most notorious and dangerous criminals in American history were first experienced right here in Alabama.
This is fascinating, for those of us that have lived here for many years and had no idea some of these dangerous fools were from or have lived in Tuscaloosa, Jasper and Birm…

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