This sounds like a joke.

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However, it appears to be 100% real.

I love how this stuff makes ALL of Alabama look to folks around the USA.

It seems pretty dang silly.

"Read Me A Book, Stella" is written by Marie-Louise Gay.

And that seems to be the problem. She has a "GAY" name.

It was recently reported in The Daily Mail, which you can check out HERE.

Is there some other objectionable or sexually explicit content?

No, according to those who have read the book.

According to the Daily Mail, the author's publicist says that the author had never been "censored" before this episode.

The book has now been placed on the list of 'sexually explicit' books by Huntsville-Madison County Public Library system, reported the Daily Mail.

The library says it was based on cross-referencing certain words like "gay" and "lesbian".

In case you are wondering, the book is about a brother and sister who like to read together and build doghouses.

That doesn't sound very "explicit" to me.

I am all for protecting our kids from things that cross the line of decency.

In this case, it doesn't cross any lines. This author can't help that her family name is "Gay". That's enough to ban a book?

It shouldn't be.

According to the Daily Mail, library executives now admit that the book probably should not have made the list of "explicit" content.

Ya think?

So what happens now?

It appears the book is now "under review" due to the publicity the story has attracted in Alabama and across the USA.

The damage is probably already done.

I can already hear the jokes from comedians and tv panelists as we speak.

Can we just think before we do something stupid?

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