Finally, some good news for Alabama.

Budgets are tight for most folks in Alabama. If you can get a good deal on something and make a dollar stretch you've done a good job.


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Are they not?

Don't get me started on a dozen eggs.

Thank God, Alabama, happens to be home to two of the "most affordable grocery stores in America".

Yes, of course, you can find a bunch of supposed "hacks" to save some money on your food bills.

YouTube is loaded with videos on "grocery store money saver" hacks.

*Video from YouTube/Frugal Fit Mom

The most overpriced grocery stores in the USA?

Hint: We have a couple of them in Alabama for sure.

Birmingham, Alabama is home to one of these overpriced outlets.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama has one of the other overpriced grocery stores.


The folks at US NEWS & WORLD REPORT rank them as the MOST affordable grocery store in the USA.

We have a location in Tuscaloosa and Northport (for our West Alabama readers) for you to shop and save during these economic times.

That store is...

German Supermarket Chain Aldi To Buy Winn-Dixie And Harveys Supermarkets
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US News and World Report states that nearly "90% of respondents believe ALDI offers value for your dollar".

I learned many years ago (via a documentary) that ALDI features products that are produced in the SAME facilities that many NAME brands are produced in.

EVERYTHING is identical except for the package it is placed inside.

Same quality. Different box.

That is crazy to me.

You are paying for a package with a name on it that you know.

Aldi and Costco are the two stores that are on the "most affordable" list and have locations here in Alabama.

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