How far would you go for a friend?

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I would do anything for a close friend. Of course, I would go even further for one of my kids.

How about you? Former Alabama assistant coach Joe Judge found himself answering questions about one of his players seemingly defending Henry Ruggs III.

There simply is no way to know what was going on inside this players head. I don't know what he was thinking or what the intention was here.

I think it is very fair to say he made it sound like folks were being too tough on Ruggs.

According to, Coach Judge, who spent time at Alabama in 2009-2011, talked to the press about Ruggs being a "friend" to many players. He's more than a headline to many in the league, he claimed. I get that.


Arkansas v Alabama
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Ruggs is one of my all time favorite players to catch passes at Alabama.

The excitement he brought to Saturdays in Tuscaloosa was electrifying!

The speed. The HANDS. I have rarely seen any player have the kind of talent that Henry Ruggs III has in an Alabama uniform.

He was and has continued to be an incredible wide receiver on the field.

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In addition, he seems to be a pretty good guy according to most folks that know him or have had contact with him.

That's all well and good.

Do you give him a pass for killing a young, beautiful lady in the prime of her life?

Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III Appears In Court Following Fatal DUI Crash
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Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III Involved in Fatal DUI Crash
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Roadside Memorial For Tina Tintor, Victim Of A Car Crash Involving Henry Ruggs III
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Absolutely not.

What if it was your daughter, sister or bride.

How would you feel?

I love my Alabama Crimson Tide football. However, I am capable of understanding that it is simply a game. When you bury a child, the games come to an end.

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