This summer Garth Brooks comes to Tuscaloosa and Bryant Denny Stadium.

No, actually Garth is coming to Protective Stadium in Birmingham on June 4.

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Garth has already played in the Notre Dame stadium, iconic as it is. Garth has played Razorback Stadium and the University Of Florida's stadium. He wanted to pull off a show at Oklahoma's famed stadium.

Iconic college stadiums. He's a big sports fan.


It's a great and legendary facility. I don't want to hear about parking either. We manage to pull off major college football games for weeks and weeks in the Fall without anyone saying we can't do it because of parking concerns.

Heck, they have had major concerts in Auburn for the love of all things good!

Bryant-Denny holds a little over 100.000 and that sounds perfect for a major show.

What was the deal back in 2008? Remember that? Alan Jackson was scheduled to perform after the A-day events but it was cancelled before it even had a chance.


In fact, as far as I could tell, Alabama (the band) played at Bryant-Denny back in 1992.

1992? Really, that's the latest year we have had a show in Tuscaloosa at Bryant-Denny?

It doesn't make sense to me. Nor does Greg Byrne's comments in 2019 to

He said something about all the effort and planning that goes into an event of the magnitude. OK, like we don't have the people that could handle that? However, we do during the Fall every year?

It just doesn't add up. Companies exist that are willing to handle all aspects of concert production in America.

It sure would be cool to see Garth Brooks on stage at Bryant-Denny in front of 100.000!

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