Several different departments of Wildlife and Conservation in Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and Texas are issuing a warning for these hot summer days.

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In fact, it has already happened to families in Florida and Texas.


If you have a pool noodle, well, rattlesnakes enjoy using them to hide.

One of the most common and purchased pool toys is the perfect place for a snake to slither inside and stay for awhile.

If a snake bites you, experts say, you should remain calm. Well, that's easier said than done.

The warning advises keeping all of the pool toyas inside your house instead of leaving them outdoors.


I don't know if it's mating season or what, but every other day I am greeted with an awful snake story.

Like the woman in Florida who felt something slithering between her legs and yes, you guessed it. It was a snake.

Fortunately for her, it was a non-venemous kingsnake.

She tried to stay calm and quickly pulled over. It take first responders nearly an hour to locate the kingsnake.

I don't know if I would survive finding one in my car as I'm driving.

And to think, some people enjoy having snakes as pets!

NO. It's not happening for me or anyone I love.

That's just my opinion.


Make sure a rattlesnake is not hiding inside one of them.

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