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Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty reports of yesterday Tuscaloosa has a total number of 30,178 COVID cases with an increase of 155 and a total of 486 confirmed deaths in Tuscaloosa County.

An average of 126 cases per day was reported in Tuscaloosa County, a 47% increase from the average two weeks ago.

DCH has 157 COVID patients, with 38 patients in the ICU. Among them, 32 patients are on ventilators.

Dr. Peramsetty’s clinics are the major COVID testing sites in West Alabama during this delta wave, due to limited testing abilities at DCH, Tuscaloosa County Health Department, and other clinics.

Should you get vaccinated if you’ve already had COVID?

Dr. Peramsetty says although antibodies from getting infected with COVID may provide some protection against the virus, evidence shows nothing protects against COVID-19 better than vaccines.

People who have recovered from COVID should get vaccinated after their quarantine to reduce their risk of reinfection, according to Dr. Peramsetty.

Listen to all of Dr. Peramsetty’s comments HERE.

Parents! First Kids Urgent Care is open 7 days a week, with after-hours, in-house labs, & pharmacy. Located at 1215 McFarland Blvd NE in Tuscaloosa.


Get Dr. Peramsetty clinic info at - www.crimsoncare.com

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