Ugly is all over Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Why is everyone so UGLY?

Yes, I met the ugliest woman in Tuscaloosa.


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I know her name, BUT I probably shouldn't print it.

I want to tell you badly, but I can tell you she’s an assistant manager on the late afternoon crew.

She works at the Xfinity store in Tuscaloosa.

Does anyone know what happened to customer service? It died, and I never noticed the obituary.

But it’s dead and buried.

What about “the customer is ALWAYS right”?

What a laugh that is in 2021!

In the latest example, I simply went to the store that I was sent to by the corporate folks.

I explained that I had spent $150 upfront for equipment and an account for my new home.

I was informed that a mistake had been made and that I was showing as a “shipped” customer.

Not what I was told when I set up the account. I was asked if I wanted to go to the store or have equipment shipped.


From the first second, she was in a mood. She said, “You are not getting any equipment from us today.”

In an insulting way. In an EXTREMELY rude way. The rudest woman I have ever had the displeasure to meet.

I asked if she could do anything else with it being a Friday and a new empty house.

You know, it’s nice to have a little something to watch or browse in a new home. She said, “That’s not my problem.”


Thanks, ma’am.

It got worse from this point, and her ugliness only escalated.


As I write this, a customer at a Waffle House had a GUN pulled on him!

All over some cheesy eggs!

I don’t know what went wrong, but I’m a big believer that it’s harder to have a frown and be rude all the time than it is to be kind.


You’re alive. That’s something!

When someone says “Thank you,” try saying “YOU’RE WELCOME”! You might like how you feel.

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