"Clear Channel" according to the Urban Dictionary, is "the reason why radio sucks and the blame for high concert ticket prices."  iHeartMedia is selling it's old name (Clear Channel) to it's parent company, or basically itself, says Inside Radio.

The real question how much are the words “clear” and “channel” worth? The answer will soon be revealed as iHeartMedia announced this VERY unusual sale.  IHeartMedia has signed a letter of intent to sell the intellectual property rights to....itself perhaps?  The trademarks and domain names have remained with iHeartMedia ever since it changed its corporate name in Sept. 2014.

Wells Fargo media analyst Marci Ryvicker says there may be more than meets the eye with the somewhat unusual deal.  Most believe it's simply a way to move cash or simply "rob Peter to pay Paul" as iHeartMedia faces bankruptcy due to a huge $8.3 BILLION loan repayment.

"I worked with these 2 companies for more than 20 years, and we always knew this day was coming.  In Tuscaloosa, we've continued to see good Alabama jobs simply outsourced to other cities, while the iHeart sales team tries to keep raking in Alabama dollars."

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