Leave it to social media to start another trend.

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Before it's banned (maybe) TikTok is still launching all kinds of fads/trends/challenges around the world.

I love cheese. You can never have too much cheese in my opinion.

The cheesier the better.

That includes string cheese (Walmart's Great Value brand is the best) because it makes the perfect snack.

They call them "food influencers" according to the in-the-know foodies.

For some reason, the new thing is to wash your cheese before eating it.

Of course, you can find plenty of videos to guide you through the process.



@primocruex Did you know….. The pre-shredded cheese you purchase from the grocery stores is coated with an “anti-caking” agent. Birds Eye view of how much is used #washyourcheese#fypage#didyouknow#kitchen#cheftips♬ original sound - Primo&Cruex
*Courtesy of TikTok/primocruex
Now, I get why it is important to wash our fruits and veggies. However, cheese is a new one for me.
It seems to be all about the "anticaking agents" used in your cheese.
If it makes your cheese better and it makes folks happy, what's the harm?
Happy cheese eatin' to all my fellow cheese lovers.

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