This is a big deal. Don't ya think? IT IS OUR WATER PEOPLE!

I have not seen any other media source reporting this news.

It's our water supply! Ok, let me say something first.

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I don't drink soda. I've never been a soda drinker.

Coffee is something I have every once in a while.


Preferably with a TON of ice.

I like ice.

What's the recipe for ice?

Oh, yeah, it's also made from water.

Life can not exist without water.

It's the source of all of life on planet Earth.

It's why we have not found life on any other planets.

No water, no life.

When I'm at a drive-thru and I order ice water, it blows their minds.

I guess they don't have a button for that one.

We cook with it and I don't care if the "contaminants" supposedly die at high temperatures.

The researchers at 247Wallst have released a list of the cities with the MOST contaminated water supplies.

Tuscaloosa County has already been through controversial issues with the water supply.

42 million gallons of raw sewage in the streams and lakes seems like more than a tiny issue, as city leaders told us.

So, which Alabama cities showed up on this new list of most contaminated cities in the USA?

Well, here's one that showed up in the Top 20:

Source: SeanPavonePhoto / iStock via Getty Images
Source: SeanPavonePhoto / iStock via Getty Images

19. Birmingham, Alabama
> Total score: 37.10
> Health guideline violations score (0-20): 6.25 – 41st worst out of 70 cities
> Most prevalent contaminant compared to other cities: Total THMs – 36th worst out of 70 cities

If one of the cities in the top 20 is just 40 miles from where I live, I'm betting that my water isn't much better.

Which city came in #1 on the list?

Source: ChrisBoswell / iStock via Getty Images
Source: ChrisBoswell / iStock via Getty Images

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