Powerball anyone? Not if you live in Alabama.

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Gaming has once again stalled with lawmakers in Alabama.

The bill passed in the Alabama House and failed by only one vote in the Senate.

After lots of debate in Montgomery, Alabama over the past several months the issue is stuck in neutral.

House Bills 151 and 152 would have finally brought a lottery to the state of Alabama. Those bills had profits earmarked for a special Education Trust Fund that could bring much-needed financial help to schools in our state.

In addition, the bills would make it possible for electronic games at specific venues including racetracks and bingo halls located in Greene, Macon, Mobile, Houston, Lowndes, and Jefferson Counties.

The wildly popular sports betting was not included in these bills.

HB 151 would have authorized lotteries in the state of Alabama and representatives in the House passed the bill before it failed in the Senate late yesterday.

HB 152 would have created an Alabama Gambling Commission and an Alabama Lottery Commission to handle the ins and outs of gaming licensing in the future.

However, late yesterday the Senate did not have the same success in passing the gaming bills.

As you might expect when it comes to this issue in Alabama, the future for these bills is cloudy at best.

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