This just makes us feel good.

It certainly makes us look good.

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Did you know that today is National Brothers & Sisters Day?

Nearly 90% of Americans have at least one brother and sister.

Get this: Around 10% of siblings have fought so hard that they draw blood or leave marks.

I guess 10% isn't that bad when it comes to violence.

According to a data company, Gitnux, that studies these sorts of family relationships, ONE state is ranked FIRST in relationships with their siblings.

Well, that state is.....



78% of Alabama residents say they "love" their brother or sister.

This makes complete sense to me. We just raise 'em right down South.

Now, which state is NOT their "brothers' keeper", so to speak?

Go west, young man!

OREGON hates their siblings. OK, MAYBE that is a bit harsh.

However, only 20% of those folks use the word "love" to describe how they feel about brothers and sisters.

Now that is just plain sad.

California did better than Oregon! In California, 33% of people used the word "love" in describing feelings about their brothers and sisters.

Here is another interesting fact that came from this study:

  • More than a third of adults report a feeling of rivalry or jealousy between siblings during childhood.

Here are the Top 3 states with the best sibling relationships:

  • Alabama
  • Massachusetts
  • Kentucky

Another interesting fact that came out of this study:

Having siblings may lower the risk of divorce as an adult by 2% for each sibling, up to seven siblings.

What is wrong with these people in Oregon?

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