We wanted to show the face, of the true "corner stone" of Tuscaloosa traffic reports during this weekends snow event that saw 100's of wrecks last night.  Jimmy Adams is simply known as "the Colonel" on radio stations operated by Townsquare Media in Tuscaloosa.

"Jimmy Adams is the kinda guy that cares about people and it shows," said Wild Bill, the afternoon host on 95.3 the Bear.  "Jimmy knows traffic like Nick Saban knows Bama football" said Louie Linguini while standing on the Star 101.7 roof during a snow storm on friday night.

It's a commitment to local Tuscaloosa traffic that many people in Tuscaloosa have honestly never seen before.  It's a true commitment to local radio, for Tuscaloosa...from Tuscaloosa, since the arrival of Tuscaloosa Market President David Dubose.

Wild Bill tells a story of (the other country station in Tuscaloosa) a previous station he used to work for with a "traffic guy" doing Tuscaloosa traffic from his office in Atlanta, Georgia.  "I remember my first day, I was told to pretend like Captain Carl was local.  I called him up, long distance ha, ha, and said how does this work because it didn't make sense to me.

The process was for me to call him in Atlanta, then he would record in Atlanta and then send back to Tuscaloosa 20 minutes later.  Carl actually told me he had once driven thru Tuscaloosa via 20/59 in the mid 90's so he was familiar with Alabama haha.  I didn't agree with this process, but our boss we called "Shoney's Boy" wanted it done this way and I did this for 10 years.  Heck, it's still done that way today, so I'm loving The Colonel traffic updates these days because he knows it's McFarland instead of McFarlane and doesn't say things like Alabama and Auburn are playing this week at Legion Field on Saturday."

It's simply a different way of doing business at Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa it seems.  One product provides traffic reports to sell sponsorships and TSM actually cares about factual content and traffic in and around Tuscaloosa.

Listen for Jimmy Adams, simply known as "The Colonel" on daily on 95.3 The Bear!

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