I just hung up with this missing students mother, Debbie Walker.

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I don't want to imagine what she and other loved ones are going through.

His name is Garrett Walker and he is 20.

Photos courtesy of Debbie Walker and Facebook
Photos courtesy of Debbie Walker and Facebook


He is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering at the University Of Alabama.

He was last seen at The Grey Lady at 1:15 am this morning.

His phone was found at the river walk by police this afternoon.


Nobody has seen or heard from him since that time.


Hundreds of young college aged men have gone missing in the last two decades. Documentary films have been made on this very topic.

Multiple theories abound, from the most sinister to silly.

I believe this is an under reported issue. It has no race.

It attacks all types of young men across the country. Somebody has to know something.

This happened with hundreds of thousands in Tuscaloosa for a home game at Bryant Denny Stadium.

I believe someone, if they really think about what they did last night, could have a huge missing piece of this puzzle.

A family is on pins and needles waiting for any news.

Please don't be silent because you are protecting someone.

You will have to live with it forever.

It's not worth that.

If you were anywhere near The Grey Lady, and lots of you partied in the area, please speak up about anything you saw or know.

Debbie Walker, Garrett's mom, is waiting for any information on her son.

You can send me a message by clicking on my name or through the app for 95.3 The Bear.


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