Back in 2013, or around that time, a rumor got out that claimed certain big box chains would not punish shoplifters.

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It seemed to come from this belief that it was more dangerous to go after shoplifters than chasing them down.

The theory was that those big stores were insured and it didn't really matter if they got hit for a couple of million in stolen goods.

Flash forward to today and this is not how most companies seem to look at theft.

They lose way too much money to ignore it any longer.

Local businesses in Tuscaloosa or West Alabama suffer significant damage from shoplifters and theft.

More and more local Alabama small businesses are fighting back.

I've seen 4-to 5 with signs in the business threatening prosecution and "embarrassment" if you shoplift or steal from their business.

A local clothing outlet had signage in the store.

This local restaurant had this interesting sign on the front door.

Photo: DC/Townsquare Media
Photo: DC/Townsquare Media

This sign is on the door at Los Tarascos in Tuscaloosa on Skyland Boulevard.

I also enjoy the warning about noisemakers and P.T.S.D. for birthday celebrations.

If you leave without paying, your picture will be all over social media, and there will be a $60 upcharge on your ticket.

That is pretty direct, huh?

Signs like this are becoming more and more prevalent at local places of business.

Who wants their picture all over social media in a case like this?

Of course, mistakes do happen, and I don't know what the plan is in the event a case of mistaken identity occurs.

For now, the "we don't prosecute shoplifters" season is over.

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