“When it matters most, radio is there, and listeners notice.  A hundred years after its debut, broadcast radio is undeniably a lifeline to the public.”  These are words during a Q&A with Nielsen Audio managing director Brad Kelly several weeks ago.

The fact is, LOCAL matters, buy local, LISTEN LOCAL to 95.3 The Bear.  We live and work right here in West Alabama unlike many radio stations claiming to be local while streaming shows from out of town and state.

In the interview Brad Kelly stresses, “In modern American culture, first responders are held in high regard. In the media world, broadcast radio is the original first responder. Despite the dozens or hundreds of news and information options available to consumers today, AM/FM radio is a critical lifeline to the public in times of crisis or natural disaster.”

Did you know...

Captain Ray is Tuscaloosa's only LOCAL traffic reporter?  Some stations prerecord in Atlanta by staff that has never been to Tuscaloosa, Alabama?  

95.3 The Bear was voted Best Radio Station in Tuscaloosa by the Tuscaloosa News!

BUY LOCAL - LISTEN LOCAL - 95.3 The Bear!  #WildBillShow

Wild Bill Show
Wild Bill Show



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