I love food. 

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Don't we all? Some more than others.

I dig unusual and interesting facts, especially about food.

*All facts in this story from buzzfeed.com

Here we go:

1. McDonalds Fries were better in the 70's, 80's and early '90's. WHY? They were cooked in a perfectly salty "beef fat" that made 'em delicious. Hindu groups in other countries filed complaints about the use of beef in a potato product, so McD's caved.


McDonald's Debuts A McPlant Burger In Limited Markets
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2. Peppers have more Vitamin C than an ORANGE. Strangely, a lemon has more sugar in it than a strawberry. Weird.


Iowa State Fair Returns After A Year Off Due To COVID-19 Pandemic
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3. Nabisco changed "Animal Cracker" packages after the fun folks at PETA complained.

NYNatives.Com Hosts Lilly Pulitzer Shop & Share
Donald Bowers

4. A single spaghetti noodle is called a spaghetto. Hmmmm.


5. In 2018, Butterfinger changed it's recipe that they had been using for decades. Some, really do not like the new recipe.


Ferrero Acquires Nestle's U.S. Candy Business For $2.9 Billion
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6. Pineapples can take 2-3 years to grow.

Lives Of The Saints On The Island Of St Helena
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7. Spam, is just a mash-up of the words "spice" and "ham".

Hormel Foods To Purchase Skippy Peanut Butter From Unilever
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8. My fave, Hawaiian pizza, was invented in Canada.


9. German Chocolate Cake did not come from Germany. The name comes from Sam German, a dude that invented a type of baking chocolate. The recipe originated in TEXAS!


10. Peaches (the best fruit ever) and Nectarines are THE SAME FRUIT. They are genetically identical, except for a gene that is recessive in Nectarines and doesn't produce any fuzz.


Organic Fruits And Vegetables
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OH, how I love Peaches and Nectarines.

I really can't wait for the road side stands in Alabama cities to pop up all over the place. There's nothing like the fresh fruit from a farmers road side stand.

I had the best blackberries of my life driving through a town near Maplesville, Alabama.

God Bless America.

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