Crimson Tide fans are everywhere! 


We already know that, but a certain action hero that finds it hard to die, was spotted in 'Bama by many.

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He was playing a round of golf at the Ross Bridge Golf Resort in Birmingham last week. Rumor has it he was on the Alabama campus as well.


The big story is what the famous actor was wearing. I see Crimson Tide fans....they're everywhere! Yep, Bruce Willis was seen in the area taking photos with fans, as we see in the photo below.


*Bruce Willis with David Graves @Renaissance Birmingham,10-13-21


You can't miss that Alabama logo, with the big letter A!

Is he here filming a movie? We know that Bruce Willis filmed "Vendetta" in Georgia.


The action thriller will be out in 2022.

In addition, he stars in "Gasoline Alley' also filmed in Georgia.

That's not it either.





The final word on why Bruce Willis is in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa?


It's all about the film "Die Like Lovers" being filmed all over our area.


It is ALSO an action thriller being released in 2022. Bruce is by far the biggest star in the production being filmed, but the producer Rob Wolfe, is from Birmingham, Alabama!


Rob has also produced or been involved with films starring John Travolta, Sam Worthington and the legendary Harvey Keitel.


Georgia has been a hub for Hollywood productions for some time. However, Alabama is also seeing more and more Television and Film productions shot in Dixie!


Let's not forget the 2019 movie, "Tuscaloosa", which starred "Stranger Things" star Natalia Dyer. The strange thing is that "Tuscaloosa" was mostly filmed in Minnesota. So weird.


Why would anyone make a movie called "Tuscaloosa" and film it in a cold Midwestern state? You can't explain the folks in Hollywood.

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