Hey movie buffs of Alabama, remember that scene in the movie "Titanic" ?

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You know, when Jack & Rose sneak off and end up in the back of a car?

It is a pretty iconic scene in movie history and it leaves a question to be asked in Alabama.

In fact, to refresh your memory....

*Video from Marcus Vinicius/YouTube

How illegal is it to do that in a car here in Dixieland?

If you were to have a romantic moment and then get "busted", what would happen?

Alabama has some pretty interesting laws in regard to what us grownups are allowed to do or not do.

Some of those laws have been tested in the highest courts and have not held up under scrutiny.

It's crazy that some of these laws are still on the books in Alabama.

When it comes to Alabama law, I went straight to the best legal mind in West Alabama, Steven Mezrano from Mezrano Law Firm in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.

Here's what he told me.

"To my knowledge, Alabama does not have a specific law on this, but an act in a vehicle within public view can get you charged with lewd conduct in public", Mezrano stated. Mezrano added, "Most of this type thing would fall under public indecency laws in Alabama, so it's probably best if you don't have sex in the car".

OK, well, he's the legal expert!

Here's the Alabama criminal code.

By the way, how exactly is "public place" defined, out of plum curiosity, this is what I found. A public place is defined as a place that the public, or a substantial group of the public, has access to.

So, bottom line, Rose & Jack would have done jail time if they had been caught here in Alabama.

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