It's just hard even to write a story like this one.

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How could a mother try to kill her ten-year-old boy?

So many adults with plenty of love in their hearts would give anything for a child of their own.

Yet, you have monsters blessed with a child and they completely take it for granted.

A mother in Alabama (unfortunately) is in Colbert County Jail after allegedly attempting to drown her little boy in a bathtub.

According to the Daily Beast, the incident was like a horror movie played out in real life.

It began after the boy told his mother, Ashley Jones, that he would rather live with his father, reports the Daily Beast.

The heart-wrenching event included his mom throwing bleach all over him in anger.

The Daily Beast reports that court papers reveal that the boy got into the tub to wash off the chemical and then his mom held his head under the water.

Just stop right here for a moment.

Can you imagine how terrifying that must have been for that innocent little boy?

It's hard to think about what he went through.

The Daily Beast reports that the mother held him under the water for at least 45 seconds until she felt his body go limp.

The horror did not end at that point.

The mother allegedly locked him inside a closet for several hours according to the Daily Beast.

Ashley Jones has been charged with aggravated child abuse and denied the accusations according to court papers.

Ashley Jones
Photo: Courtesy of Colbert County Jail

She was released on $50,000 bond.

Does that seem low to anyone else?

This woman is already free after attempting, allegedly, to kill her child.

The justice system misses in a big way from time to time.

They missed by a mile in this case, in my opinion.

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