The GOAT discriminates against white folk?

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That's a new one for sure.

Who's accusing Nick Saban of being prejudiced?

A young man from  Lester, Alabama.

An athlete that is about to play in the Super Bowl in Arizona.

His name is Reed Blankenship, and he plays a hybrid safety/cornerback position for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Reed wanted to be able to add his name to the list of Alabama players on the Eagles, like Jalen Hurts, Devonta Smith or Landon Dickerson.

However, he was passed over by Saban, and he thinks it might be because he's a white guy.

A reporter for spoke with Alabama native Reed Blankenship and then wrote a story about his rise to stardom against long odds.

Tyler Dunne, the reporter from golongtd, asked him about his experience with Coach Saban at a football camp.

The bottom line is that Reed Blankenship felt like Coach Saban "slapped him in the face" when they met for the first time.

According to, Blankenship was largely ignored by Coach Saban and the other players around him got lots of attention from Saban.

Maybe it doesn't mean anything at all.

However, the facts are clear and undisputed.

Reed Blankenship plays a position on the field that almost no white athletes ever play.

Looking at the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft prospects, and you see over 50 college cornerbacks on the list of possible draft picks.

One player, Riley Moss of Iowa, is white.

To play corner in football, you need to be pretty fast.

For whatever reason, white guys aren't seen as the prototype for the position.

Years and years ago, Quarterback was seen as a position that only white guys could handle.

Was that the right thing to think? Or do?

No, because wrong is wrong.

If Reed Blankenship was not white, this story would be dominating all coverage of the Super Bowl.

Double standards are the theme of today and the world around us.

Why should we start doing the right thing now?

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