The scary details of the missing person in Hoover, Alabama keep coming at a very fast pace.

The initial details were reported here, by Noah Haynes, earlier Friday.

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Are you safe anywhere any longer?

Are you safe in your car? On the interstate?

Not if you are Carlethia "Carlee" Russell, who even called 9-1-1 seconds before her disappearance off 459 in Hoover at mile-marker 11.7.

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Photo: Facebook/James Spann/Family

WBRC-TV has obtained a video from the precise mile-marker where Russell, a 25 year-old female, called for help and then vanished into thin air.

Many folks believe, including this reporter, that you can clearly see vital clues to her possible kidnapping on this video.

"Carlee" Russell called the police because she believed she saw a toddler on the side of 459. She told police she was pulling over onto the shoulder to check on the small child.

According to WBRC-TV, a family member was also on the phone with her and heard some disturbing sounds. The family member reported hearing her get out of her car and ask the child if they were OK. No response was heard. After that, the family member heard their loved one scream and lots of loud noise following the scream, reported WBRC-TV.

Police showed up within a few minutes and they could not find the young woman anywhere near her vehicle.

They found belongings that indicate she left against her will.

Now, when you watch the video below, notice these clues that could be vital. At about the :50 mark, a strange light appears in the woods. Then, at about 1:00, notice the huge blue highway sign. You will see the shadow of an individual running towards Russell on the side of the highway.

You can clearly see Carlethia Russell exit her vehicle after it comes to a stop. The biggest clue comes at 3:45 into the video. As you look at the tree line going into the woods, some viewers notice a strange light/flashlight, that could appear to be running away from the scene. About 45 seconds later (too late) you see police arrive on the side of the highway.


See what clues you can find in this video of her disappearance below, as it is the only clue we have on her final few minutes before she vanished.

*Video courtesy of WBRC-TV/Facebook

Hundreds of vehicles stream by during this mysterious event, and if you have any information that could help bring Carlethia Russell home to her family, please contact Hoover Police or Crimestoppers. A $25,000 reward has been offered for her safe return.

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