This is shocking on so many levels.

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Because it is so blatant and so targeted right at our children.

I made this discovery when staying with my daughter and grandchildren for a few days.

As my 9-year-old grandson was playing one of his favorite games on Xbox, I couldn't believe what was on the screen.

I yelled for him to freeze right on the level he was on, so I could snap a quick photo of what I was looking at.


Yeah, that is a pentagram. It's right in the middle of the game.

The game? It's called Goat Simulator on Xbox and other platforms.

My grandson loves it and plays it several times a week.

He told me that he had never seen this screen in the past.



What do players do with this pentagram? Is it just there for looks?

Do you actually use it when playing the game?

YES, players use it in the game.

The goal is to drag five humans onto the center of the pentagram and sacrifice them.


You sacrifice living humans on a pentagram. Oh, yeah, you could also drag live animals and sacrifice them in the middle of the pentagram.

Collecting five sacrifices grants players the "Devil Goat Mutator".

The devil goat has black fur, glowing orange eyes, and six horns.

In fact, this video explains how you use the pentagram.

*Courtesy of YouTube/BestPlane44


How cute is that? Sweet, cuddly, and cute human sacrifices for the WHOLE FAMILY!

Just a cute, cuddly devil goat.

I do not believe that many parents would be ok with their kids playing a game like this in their homes.

Especially down here in Alabama and the deep south.

In researching the makers of Goat Simulator it led me to a few discoveries.

It's made by a gaming studio known as Coffee Stain Studios from Sweden.

There is plenty of info online about Sweden being the most "secular" country in the world.

One stat claims that 90% of Swedish people are atheists.

Another article claimed that it is home to the largest number of Satanists in the world.

Well, video games with human sacrifices to the devil might be ok in Sweden, but it is NOT ok in the USA.

At least MOST of the USA is not ok with their kids being involved with something like that.

Many folks are NOT aware of the Satanic message in this game and that's why we wanted to let parents know what their kids are being exposed to online and in games.

My daughter immediately deleted this game from my grandson's Xbox and I'm sure many others will do the same.

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