During a meeting last week with our Digital Managing Editor, Ben 'Boo' George, asked Scott and me to give ourselves a goal of increasing our likes on 95.3 The Bear's Facebook page.

Being the eternal optimist that I am, I said I felt increasing our current number of 5700 to 7000 was a realistic figure and Scott Shepherd being slightly less ambitious threw out a number fewer than ten which happens to be less than our average daily likes.

Afterwards, he questioned my mental sanity and I explained that goals are meant to be attainable but challenging. He let the matter drop but the issue resurfaced on the air this past Monday.

'There's no way,' he said into the mic in a much more muted tone than the one he'd used during our previous discussion. Again, I repeated my confidence that we would hit our goal number of 7000 by our next meeting with Ben the following Thursday afternoon.

'I tell you what...if we get to 7000 by Friday morning, I will walk down McFarland Blvd during morning rush hour traffic wearing white socks and Perry's prison shoes...wearing a white tank top.'

Challenge accepted.

This must happen for two reasons: I hate to lose and the mental image of Scott trolling down McFarland wearing those abominations paired with a wife-beater fill a void I was unaware existed until now. To enhance Scott's walk, I plan on circling him in the Bear Truck with 'White Sock's and Prison Shoes' blasting from our speakers.

So, please, help me make this magical moment a reality for all. Like our page and ask your friends to join you.

As of June 18th, our total stands at 5,761 which leaves me 1,239 to go.

UPDATE: 10:06 on 6/19: 1107 to go!


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