Scott Shepherd

Color Crayons and The Bear Truck
A couple weeks ago, 95.3 The Bear had a live broadcast at Car-Mart on Skyland. I can't remember why but I had to take Brody along with me. I planned ahead, or so I thought, and brought along a few things for him in his backpack to keep him "busy".
What Is the meaning of Easterr?
Scott Shepherd's son Brody came to spend some time with us in the studio this morning since his day care was closed in observance of Good Friday.
Brody is a very smart young man, so I wasn't too surprised to hear he understood the importance of why Christian's commemorate Easter...
A Plants Fight For Survival
I must say the hanging plant from Tree House Farm and Nursery is pretty resilient.  I have watered it a few times since we picked them up on the first day of Spring.
Watch a 4 Year Old’s First Time on a Bike
I don't remember not knowing how to ride a bike. I guess I learned when I was 4 or so. Brody got a bike from  Santa complete with training wheels. I'm not sure why they call them training wheels because you can't learn to ride a bike until you take them off. We did just that this…
Are You Ready For Spring Yet?
I snapped this pic yesterday as the temps started to rise a bit and the snow slowly began melting. Apparently, these little plants are ready for Spring! So am I. I am over the snow and cold. And, Spring 2014 will be life changing for our family....
White Socks and Scott In Perry's Prison Shoes
During a meeting last week with our Digital Managing Editor, Ben 'Boo' George, asked Scott and me to give ourselves a goal of increasing our likes on 95.3 The Bear's Facebook page.
Being the eternal optimist that I am, I said I felt increasing our current number of 5700 to 7000 was a realistic figur…
Scott's Hard Knock Knife
Three months ago, Scott Shepherd entered the 95.3 The Bear studios and without saying hello, began digging through the closet. I asked what was going on and he informed me the driver side window in his Pontiac Sedan had fallen off the track and slipped down into the door...
Look, No Cord
For 365 days, or 525949 minutes prior to his eligibility for an upgrade, I have suffered through Scott Shepherd’s endless discussions about his next phone. For the past few months, he repeatedly touted the features of the Samsung Galaxy 3...

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