My wife was listening to the radio this weekend and the announcer suggested parents should ask their kids this question. "If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone, Who Would It Be?" She asked our 6 year old. His answer surprised me a little.


I'm assuming the question means dinner with a famous person. I think it would be a tough choice. There are lots of people I'd like to sit down with over dinner and have a conversation. My wife was amused that Brody never hesitated when she asked him. He very quickly said "Johnny". She asked "Johnny who?". He replied "Johnny Cash,  Mama!"

Nice. Johnny Cash has been a topic lately. Brody loves the his song "Don't Take Your Guns To Town". We've listened to it a thousand time this week.

Some folks that come to mind for me: Elvis. John D. Rockefeller. George W. Bush.  I could name several more. What about you?

Who would you want to sit down with over dinner?

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