Kimberly Madison

The Weed Eater With Wheels
My pumpkin patch partner and best friend had an interesting run-in with a pull cord, weed eater and Taylor Swift's new song 'Shake It Off'.
I'd heard stories of a magical machine that looked like a weed eater with wheels that no longer existed...
Hairstyle Appreciation Day
Hairstyle Appreciation Day celebrates the uniqueness of all styles of hair and honors the people who make artful hairstyles possible.
Hairstyling is an artful skill and if you've ever suffered from a hair disaster from a previous stylist, show your appreciation today to the one who makes being s…
A Plants Fight For Survival
I must say the hanging plant from Tree House Farm and Nursery is pretty resilient.  I have watered it a few times since we picked them up on the first day of Spring.
I Dyed My Hair Dark Brown
Yep. After being a blonde my entire life, I decided to completely change my look and opt instead for a dark brown. There were lots of reasons, but the main one was my hair needed a 'reset'.
Back in September, I'd asked my stylist of 15 years, Katie Kunkle, to lighten my hair to match t…
Two Year Old Me With Guess What?
My parents home burned down several years ago and what few pictures of me that even existed. I was the last child and my mother had long lost her desire to document her children's lives.
My aunt recently mailed me a picture I'd never seen...
Open Letter To Kimberly Madison: A Reaction
UPDATE: THE BEST DAY EVER. This is an open letter response to Kimberly Madison's open letter confession to me this morning. When the word "confession" is heard many may be assailed with thoughts of small booths where one must tell all to a Roman Catholic priest. Not in this ca…
LIttle Duke One Week After Parvo
A little over a week has passed since little Duke finally won his battle against Parvo. Lots of folks were pulling for him to make it and have since asked how he's doing, so here's a video of him last night.
White Socks and Scott In Perry's Prison Shoes
During a meeting last week with our Digital Managing Editor, Ben 'Boo' George, asked Scott and me to give ourselves a goal of increasing our likes on 95.3 The Bear's Facebook page.
Being the eternal optimist that I am, I said I felt increasing our current number of 5700 to 7000 was a realistic figur…

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