Lisa Edwards was sitting at a red light at the 5-points intersection in Cottondale and captured an incredible moment with a stranger and the sign man everyone's been wondering about.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

A man identified as 'Mr. Bonner' has been seen for weeks holding a sign proclaiming 'Jesus Will Save You' in the Bojangles parking lot. Curiosity began getting the better of drivers.

Last week, Scott Shepherd published an article asking about the gentleman's story after he noticed the man was still there in the evenings.

On Wednesday, Lisa posted the video on her page.

'I saw Mr. Bonner again @ 5 points in Cottondale sharing the love as he paces in front of Bojangles with his "Jesus Will Save You" sign. While stopped at the red light I decided to get a video of him and his message to everyone. I didn't expect to get this.'

Lisa probably didn't expect the video to rack up over 43,000 views but after you watch the video, you'll see why it did.

See the amazing moment below.

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