Women and their purses. It's a mystery never to be explained. Kimberly Madison comes into 95.3 The Bear studio every morning carrying a purse that must weigh 30lbs. She rattles and digs in it. It looks really cumbersome and uncomfortable yet, she and many, many women around the world continue to carry these bags EVERY day - EVERYwhere. I mean, how much stuff can you possibly need with you at one time? I'm about to find out.


I have issued a challenge to Kimberly. NO purse for a week. She snapped back quickly with her own challenge. "Then you CARRY a purse for a week".  We've agreed on this silly challenge and it starts today. Now though Monday, Kimberly will be purses-less and I will carry around a legitimate womans purse. It's relatively small and it's baby blue in color.

Can she make it a week without her bag? Can I make it a week toting one around?

Here are the rules: (I may have gotten in over my head)

1. Kimberly can't carry a purse or bag or any storage apparatus for a week.

2. Scott must carry a womans purse everywhere and store things in it like keys, wallets, chapstick and so on.

3. Both Kimberly and Scott must provide "Social Proof" of the challenge on a daily basis and include #greatpurseswap in the post.

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