I am not a fan.


I don't even like the word.

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I know, PLEASE, I know they keep us from being overun by other insect populations.

It doesn't make me any happier when I find one of these at my home in Northport, Alabama.

This beast was just hanging out, looking at me. I think he was big enough for children to ride.

Photo: DC/Townsquare Media
Photo: DC/Townsquare Media

Yesterday, a friend of mine in Tuscaloosa County, posted this encounter with a Joro spider from Japan.


@ikedaniel7My friend, BJ, dealing with one of those Joro spiders. Man, they’re big!♬ original sound - Dallas

*Video from ikedaniel7/TikTok

These spiders are found all throughout Japan. Due to it's LARGE size and bright colors, the Joro spider is "well-favored" in Japan.

How does a Japanese spider make it to Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

More on that later.

How about watching the scariest video for those with arachnophobia?

Are you ready for this? It is brutal.

*Video from Daily Mail/YouTube

I don't care who you are, that is a disturbing video.

I've heard things about people buying bananas and getting a visit from an arachnid.

In a truly horrific story, a lady purchased some broccoli and found a deadly red back spider in the container.

I would be done at that point.

So, just be aware of these humongous Joro spiders as they are spotted more and more in West Alabama. As a survivor lol, I can tell you they will make you jump back.

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