It happens every single day in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

A police officer does something that never gets reported to the public. Unless a citizen nearby has a phone with them and happens to snap a photo or record a video.

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In this case a UA student in the 2021 Homecoming festivities was having trouble with his tie.

From: Tuscaloosa Police Dept. Facebook

I can tell you not every man knows how to do this simple thing.

Thank God for the Tuscaloosa Police Department officer who came to the rescue of this anonymous young man.

From: Tuscaloosa Police Dept. Facebook

He took the young man step-by-step through how to tie a tie.

As this reporter can verify, not every man knows how to do this simple task.


Hundreds of police officers every day across Alabama and the United States do things like this, and we never hear about it.

My favorite story comes from the Alabama police officer in 2019 that pulled over a young lady in our area.

The officer could tell that the young mother was stressed beyond what she could handle. She had three children in the backseat, and they were not making it easier on mom.

The officer had a word with the children and told them to be on their best behavior for mommy.

He then asked the young lady to say a prayer for her, and she said yes, please.

A year later, she wrote that officer's chief and wanted to thank the officer.

She had planned on taking her life, and that simple act of kindness gave her some hope.

I enjoy spotlighting these acts from the men and women in our police force because I believe it happens more often than we will ever know.


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