I'm simply reporting the info from a source that looks at cities in Alabama and around the USA.

Alabama is one of those states that gets some of its reputation from Hollywood, or whatever city they are making movies and tv shows in at the moment.

As we know, Alabama is nothing like the movies portray it to be.

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The movies always blow everything out of proportion.

Alabama has great farmland, beautiful countryside, and wonderful small towns.

However, as much as I love Alabama, there are a few drawbacks.

Some places don't have the best recreational activities in Alabama.

In addition, some places have crime rates that are not so good. Many of these cities are constantly leading the state in crime rate.

This top 5 comes from

So, don't shoot the messenger. Wait, BAD choice of words for a list like this.


Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

I have not spent much time in Fairfield, Alabama. I know it's in Jefferson County and that is about all I know. It has a population around 11,000 people. When the city was founded the featured speaker was former President Theodore Roosevelt, according to Wikipedia. The bad thing is it has the 5th worst crime index in the state.


Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Selma is located in Dallas County. One nickname is the butterfly capital of Alabama. Famous for the civil rights movement in the 1960's, it's almost like the city has never been able to be known for anything else. It has the 4th worst crime index in the state.


Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Bessemer, also located in Jefferson County has been on many lists of top crime cities in the state. Just a few years back, 24/7 Wall St. named it the worst city to live in, in the state. It has the 3rd worst crime index in the state.


Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Anniston has a population of around 21,000 according to Wikipedia. Located in Calhoun County and part of the Anniston/Oxford metro area. It has the 2nd worst crime index in the state.

AND NOW, The city at No. 1?


Town of McIntosh, Alabama

THIS IS CONTROVERSIAL. This reporter spoke with several folks from this town, and many tell me they love living here AND have never experienced bad things.

I was not familiar with this city until the crime index report was released. It's in Washington County and has the highest crime index in the state. According to the city gets an overall D- for a crime grade. It got an F when violent crime was reviewed. That doesn't sound really good.

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