Halloween. 2023. The world is scary enough right now, huh?

Some folks live for this time of year. I'm torn on that notion. I like it, but from a distance.

The fact that a couple of the scariest houses in the southeast are in my backyard of Tuscaloosa and Northport, is a little too close for comfort.

On the Steve & DC Show this week we begin hunting for the best place to do our Halloween show 2023.

First up on our list, is The Drish House in Tuscaloosa. Take a look at this place and see if you get chills.


*Photo image from American Ghost Stories


It looks like something out of "The Conjuring" franchise. I'm waiting for Annabelle to appear in the window.

The history begins with too much alcohol and a fatal accident in the house. A husband and wife both died in the house, and the wife had a specific request for her funeral.

She asked for the same candles from her hubby's funeral. That didn't happen and Mrs. Drish has haunted the place out of anger ever since.

Well, OK. I always recommend making your wife happy at all costs!

For this very reason. Do you want her to haunt you for over a hundred years?


You can read more on these houses at the end of the article.

We also have Jemison Center or Old Bryce Hospital.

Steve and I have tried to get into Bryce for a Halloween show for over thirty years.

We always run into red tape from some government agency. How cool would it be to do a show from THAT hospital?

All of the stories and mentally disturbed, criminally insane people.

Plus all the rumors of torture forced on the patients.

You can read more about these haunted places in the Tuscaloosa area with the link below.

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Happy Halloween! More on the haunted places in our region coming soon...


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