The scary thing is that it's not.

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The other scary thing is that it is true in Alabama or any other state in the USA.

Earlier this month, talk show host John Oliver took a very interesting deep dive into the safety of our food supply.

*Video from Last Week Tonight/YouTube

Oliver made several good points about the safety of our food supply and ways to make it better. One good idea is a group solely focused on FOOD. We need to split up the "Food and Drug" part and have them overseen separately.

The food supply is critical to our nation and it makes no sense to have a combined agency. Why not have a "Food Administration" that only has one job?


Did you know that Alabama has a division of the International Association For Food Protection?

In theory, the group points out the companies in Alabama that take food safety and protection very seriously. These are companies that set their own high standards without the government forcing them on them.

I don't want to eat lettuce that has been sprayed with water that cows have defecated you?

I didn't think so.

I've learned that it is very, very difficult to find any ONE comprehensive report on the safety of our food supply in Alabama.

Why is that? I'm not so sure they want us to know how safe or unsafe our food supply is.

It's also confusing when you have TWO bodies that oversee food safety.


In the first couple weeks of this month, we've had a double-digit number of food recalls.

Recalls on peanuts, burritos, ice cream, cookies, cookie dough, and seltzer drinks to name a few.

You don't want to see the list for the year (so far).

If you have ever been through a food-borne illness you know how bad it makes you feel. You also want to make sure you never go through it again.

I recently suffered through a food poisoning episode that came from deli chicken. I don't think I'll ever deli chicken again.

That's a bad kind of sick.

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