We all love the nightlife here in Tuscaloosa. No matter if it's riding the bull at Rhythm & Brews or having a cold beer at Copper Top, we all have our favorite bar or lounge. But sometimes, we all like to go to a place with a different vibe.

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You know the bars I mean, the ones with the basic drink menus with nothing but whiskey or vodka in them and cold beer. These bars don’t serve any kind of food other than hot wings, pizza or hamburgers. That’s right, I’m talking about dive bars.

What exactly is a Dive Bar?

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There is no set format to have a bar or lounge deemed as a dive bar but, generally, you will see a jukebox or, in more modern bars, a music streaming box which basically works the same as the old jukeboxs.

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Peter Kim

The setting will be very relaxed and maybe even a little on the congested side with small round tables everywhere. You will probably see a space for live bands to perform and definitely see some of the regulars come in to enjoy their favorite drink. There will be no dress code and odds are there will be a smell of stale beer hanging around.

So where is the Best Dive Bar in Alabama?

courtesy of Haley's Bar Facebook
courtesy of Haley's Bar Facebook

I have had the pleasure of living in just about every larger size city in Alabama, and I always managed to find the dive bar no matter if I was in Huntsville, Tuscaloosa or Dothan.

courtesy of Haley's Bar Facebook
courtesy of Haley's Bar Facebook

I enjoy the ambiance of dive bars but, ironically enough, I have not been to the best one in Alabama. According to Media Feed, the best Dive bar is Hayley’s in Mobile.

Hayley’s has a diverse crowd and, per Media Feed, has received great reviews on its jukebox. It is a private club, so if you are a smoker you can light one up and enjoy.

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