Everybody needs a laugh right now.

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People are tense! Alabama football has been a bit touch and go...Tuscaloosa City is being sued for dumping MILLIONS of gallons of raw sewage in our waterways.

Wait a minute...what is the deal with that?

I drink lots of water!!!

I don't want sewage in our water supply. How about you?

See, we all need a good laugh.

We like to call people and mess with them every morning on 95.3 The Bear and today was no exception.

It's our 'ol buddy Hyram D. Walker calling about a swimsuit that made his wife, Sally Jean, all upset.

Sally is already a bundle of nerves and takes several nervous medicines.

She's just shaking like a leaf at the moment and is pretty fragile. So here goes!

First, a quick photo of Hyram back in his younger years...

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Hyram and the swimsuit BELOW:

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