This is an interesting one from the CRIME files...

Remember the hit movie "Wedding Crashers"?

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What a great movie!

*Video from Film Scout/YouTube

Now, we have news of a "serial wedding crasher" with warrants all over Mississippi, coming to Alabama to continue the crime spree.

A report from Not The Bee detailed her criminal history.

Law enforcement officials say that a Mississippi WOMAN (cue Mississippi Queen here) who has been in jail before for crashing weddings was BUSTED again in Alabama.

I know. This is a bunch to unpack.

This woman must have been obsessed with "Wedding Crashers"!

Her name is Sandra Henson, 56, and it was less about the wedding crashing and MORE about STEALING THE GIFTS.

These couples get home and are ready to open their gifts and they are all gone. Yeah, that's pretty crappy behavior.

Henson also had warrants here in Alabama for all kinds of things. However, in her most recent bust, she is charged with petit larceny, trespassing, and disturbing the peace says the Pontotoc Sheriff's Department.

I know what you are thinking right now. You want to know what she looks like, don't ya?

serial wedding crasher
Photo: Florence, Alabama Police Department

Not what you expected, huh? Yeah, me either. She may look like a harmless grandma but she's pretty wicked.

She wasn't crashing weddings for the fun of meeting some people and having some fun. No, she was there to steal from young couples starting their life together. Not cool.

Oh, yeah, she has also been wanted for the same crime in Tennessee.

If you recently got married and are missing some gifts this just might be the reason.

This woman crashed two weddings in Alabama in 2019 and got busted because folks noticed her grabbing gifts off the table.

C'mon man. What is wrong with people?

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