This will be very interesting in 2024 when several new laws take effect in Alabama on January 1st.

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This year, unlike the past few years, many of these new laws impact a large number of Alabamians.

In addition, Alabama is being looked at nationally for a new 2024 law that protects overweight and obese people from being discriminated against in certain situations.

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Let's get started with the biggest laws coming in 2024:

OVERTIME PAY- On Jan. 1, 2024, any hourly employees in Alabama will NOT have to pay state income taxes on the overtime pay they earn.

It essentially gives many Alabama hourly employees a 5% pay raise but it requires new reporting and administrative requirements for employers in Alabama.

The new law does not apply to employees paid a salary or certain alternate payment agreements made with employees.


ADOPTIONS- Something called "The Code Of Alabama 1975" will be changed so that two new codes can be implemented: 1) an Alabama Minor Adoption Code and 2) the Alabama Adult Adoption Code.


PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS- This is a really important new law for Alabama and the USA. Many feel that overweight citizens are often legally discriminated against in this country. THIS NEW LEGISLATION WILL MAKE IT ILLEGAL FOR ANY PERSON TO DENY AN INDIVIDUAL FULL AND EQUAL ENJOYMENT OF PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS BASED ON THEIR BODY SIZE AND/OR WEIGHT.


CADE NOAA ACT- Law enforcement officers in Alabama will be trained on how to work with those with sensory needs and/or invisible disabilities every two years.


LICENSE PLATES- New plate choices and options will be unveiled in 2024.


VEHICLES- This one is also interesting. New "exceptions" will be announced for which vehicle types will be granted legal status that allows them on Alabama roadways.

What exactly new "exceptions" will be made for vehicles? Can I take my riding lawnmower out on 69 South in 2024?

For a complete deep dive into the new laws for 2024 in Alabama, you can CLICK HERE for

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