This is a sick world and nothing surprises me anymore.

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Now, we have a mom that noticed a man that set off her internal alarms because he was acting strange.

Parents are blessed with this gift of the ability to sense that something is just off.

That same man tried to take her child just a little while later.

So, police are looking for this man that, allegedly, tried to abduct her child in a Walmart with her mother.

This is a phot from the Attalla Police Department below.

Attalla Police Department

*Photo from Attalla Police Department

This story reminded me of the story of young Adam Walsh. I remember what a big deal it was back in the '80's. If you aren't familiar with the story, here are the main facts of the case.

A mom that turned her head for a moment. She could still Adam in the distance, yet she lost sight of him for a very brief time.

It can happen that fast. It seems like I'm hearing more and more stories this day and age in Alabama.

Yes, some are rumors of sex trafficking rings but some are one hundred percent legit.

Trust that parental "gut-instinct" that you are blessed with inside.

The mom in this case, Tiffany Rush, had a strange feeling about the man who tried to abduct her son.

Tiffany told that she was in the self-checkout area with her 3-year-old Mason when the odd man approached them and "high fived" her son.

She then heard this man tell her son that he was going to take him to his truck. The mom could not believe what she was hearing, according to

The local Attalla Police Department then received a report of an older man who had taken a child from a woman's cart.

Police have identified the man and are working to locate him at this time.

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