A passionate Mayor Walt Maddox talked about comments he made after the weekend shooting at University Mall in Tuscaloosa.
Saturday night Maddox said “time to get the damn guns off the streets”. The mayor clarified this morning that he meant illegal guns.

The mayor also said the “revolving door” justice system resulted in police seeing many repeat offenders causing trouble. He said state elected politicians and judges have to tackle this issue.

We discussed the TPD boat that sank on Lake Tuscaloosa this past weekend. The officer involved is okay.

No fines have been issued with the mandatory masks rule in Tuscaloosa. The mayor believes the mask rule is working.

There are 58 city employees in quarantine. This is impacting the city.

And Maddox shared his thoughts about Bama football this fall in Tuscaloosa.

Hear our entire fascinating conversation with Walt Maddox here.


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