Lane Kiffin is in his 3rd season at Bama, and according to an article in today's Tuscaloosa News, he knows what to expect starting his third year.  I totally agree and have really enjoyed the watching the development of the Saban/Kiffin relationship.  I remember 3 years ago saying, "What is Nick Saban thinking?"  Now, several Championships later, I'm reminded once again why Nick Saban IS Nick Saban.

Lane Tiffin has strayed from talking about his offseason Twitter comments, maybe kinda directed at Tennessee.  He now redirects questions about the season opener against USC.  (Remember b4 Bama...Kiffin coached at both schools)

Personally I can't wait to see Kiffin on the sidelines this year at Bama...i feel like he's one of us now.  I also think he is Tuscaloosa's most eligible bachelor these days too!  ROLL TIDE!!! :)

Tennessee v Alabama

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