Last night, Monk and I were invited to attend a private screening of 'Man of Steel' with Brad Paisley and his band after our Radio Meet & Greet was derailed. Evidently, Coach Saban wheeled into the back of the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater LIKE A BOSS and requested to speak with Paisley. Naturally, he agreed.

Around the time Carrie Underwood's hologram appeared on stage, a representative from the record company approached Monk and asked would we like to join Mr. Paisley at Hollywood Cobb for a 1:00 screening of 'Man of Steel'. I have no idea how the rest of the evening went because Monk and I kept looking at each other and asking questions like, 'Is he serious?!' 'Is this a joke? This has to be a joke.'

His offer wasn't.

The night had already been amazing. We'd been given the privilege of standing on stage with Brad Paisley during his closing song. Here's the video from our perspective on stage:

Did you notice Lee Brice and Chris Young?! Also, here's a picture Monk and I badgered some poor soul to take:


After exiting the stage, we were ushered to a hallway outside of the room where where the Meet & Greet would take place. At this point, I would like to offer my sincere apologies to everyone waiting in line for the delay. After Brad Paisley asked Monk about his name and after explaining the nickname was given to him in honor of the television show 'Monk', the two began commiserating on their mutual distaste of germs and the steps involved to achieve a solid, sanitizing hand washing to avoid them.

We left the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater around 11:30. Monk and I agreed to meet back at the station at 12:20 and I ran home to get lip gloss, chug two cups of coffee and slap myself in the face to wake up. I'd been up almost 20 hours at this point.

When Monk and I arrived at the theatre, people were making their way to their cars. Monk said, 'These people have no idea what's about to go down here.'  While we stood outside wondering if we should wait in the lobby or continue looking like losers, they started shutting the lights down. We thought some pranksters were about to pile out of the nearby shrubs, laughing hysterically, while pointing and screaming, 'SUCKERS!' but we saw a sudden increase in security.

We approached a well-dressed woman standing at the door and Monk said, 'We're here for the screening with Brad Paisley.' She repeated what he'd said as a question rather than a statement and he confirmed.

We had some time to kill before Brad arrived and this is how we occupied ourselves:


And this:


The Photo Booth seemed like a good idea at the time.

After Brad and the band arrived, we got our popcorn (just freshly popped) and Cokes before making our way to the IMAX theater. Everyone picked their seats and evidently Monk and Brad Paisley both enjoy watching movies doing back bends because they sat way close to the screen.

We weren't in our seats long before the lights dimmed and the movie started without previews. I didn't want Brad Paisley and his friends to think I'd never been to a movie with a major country music star, before so I took this pic without my flash:


That's the reflection of the screen in my 3-D glasses.

'Man of Steel' was amazing, but Monk wouldn't know. He feel asleep ten minutes into the movie and I think he actually completed two REM cycles. I toughed the two hour and sixteen minute film out, but I did allow my eyes to remain closed longer than a normal blink allows because they were beginning to feel 'gritty'.

Before they piled back on the bus, Brad, Monk, a tall gentleman and myself discussed the movie while standing on the curb in front of the darkened theater.

We all agreed there were some dialogue issues that were DUMB ('I'm sorry, Captain. I just think he's really hot'), and we collectively agreed with Brad when he said the fight scenes were a few too many. 'At some point, you just have to say, 'break the guy's neck already," he said.

'Sure', I responded.

After thanking them and shaking hands, Monk and I pulled out of the parking lot and headed back toward the station.

'We just watched a movie with Brad Paisley!' Monk exclaimed. Last night still seems hard to believe.

'I can't believe you went to sleep,' I remarked again as he slammed the door and went home.





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