All these coaches, and yes, even Nick Saban make too much money! There is no reason anyone should make this kind of  money!

Steve- Tuscaloosa

That's the first comment I saw, from our Facebook page,  after walking in to the radio studios at Townsquare Media of Tuscaloosa.

I wonder why this thought is going through anyone's head.

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OK, I get it. The coaching carousel is spinning and spinning.

LSU and USC is getting all the attention, but more are on the way.

The all-knowing crew from Tide 100.9 are hearing things about a new mega deal for Ryan Day at Ohio State.

Ohio State v Michigan
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One thing that's being glossed over is the raise that the GOAT, Coach Nick Saban, is going to receive soon.

Alabama's board of trustees approved a contract earlier this summer that averages over $10 million a season.

SEC Championship - Alabama v Florida
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According to his new deal, Saban will be paid at least as much as the average total pay of the top three SEC coaches or top five NCAA coaches, whicher is higher.

So, if the rumors and reports are accurate, about new LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly making more than $15 million each season, we should hear about Coach Saban getting an automatic raise.

Notre Dame v Virginia Tech
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A couple million maybe? What's a couple million at that level?

A whole lot. At any level.

How great is that contract? You don't have to do anything or negotiate anything and on a random day in December you get a sizable pay raise.

Coach Nick Saban is signed up to stay in Tuscaloosa through 2028.

However, it isn't just the huge salaries that are getting attention.

It's the "extras" in these mega contracts being reported.

Coach Kelly, it's rumored, will get two "courtesy vehicles" and two vehicle allowances of $1000 a month. Hmmm, a courtesy vehicle.

That's a first. 50 hours of private jet time each year on the LSU private jets.

New USC Head Coach Lincoln Riley is also rumored to have gotten private jet usage in his deal.

USC Introduce Lincoln Riley
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Plus, a home in Los Angeles and USC will buy his other two homes for WAY over asking price.

Money, money, money.

Meanwhile, students say they are struggling to make ends meet.

College football brings a mountain of money to these schools.

If you have a problem with all the cash, you might want to pick up some chalk and start drawing up some football plays.

As a Tide fan, I think Nick Saban is worth $100 million a season. So there.


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